Conservation and Sustainable Development

Our projects have been designed and implemented for being replicated in our communities. We want to support their sustainable development.


We focus our reforestation actions on forest enrichment and recovery of degraded areas with native species.

Organic Garden

We grow quality crops in our organic garden to satisfy the consumption within CDS as well as part of the local demand.


We provide the necessary conditions for the reproduction of orchids that will be relocated into the forest in order to recovery their natural habitat.


We create an organic waste treatment system and produce liquid or biol fertilizer with natural ingredients.

Build and reuse

We are looking for providing models of reference for construction with reused and non conventional materials.

More projects

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Stream conservation

We monitor watersheds in high areas identifying macroinvertebrates as indicators of water quality and habitat quality.

Plants catalog

We are conducting an inventory of plants on the CDS site. Soon you will know our publications and posters.

Canopy Epiphytes

Research allows us to know aspects related to biodiversity, ecology and the functionality of epiphytes on the canopy.


Through the use of cameras trap we are identifying the presence and abundance of larger mammals within the CDS site.


In collaboration with students and interns we are making a catalog of invertebrates that you will soon be able to meet.

Implemented projects

At the CDS we have implemented different types of sustainable development projects, including renewable energy generation and sustainable sanitation.